Unlocking heat integration opportunities toward decarbonization

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Unlocking heat integration opportunities toward decarbonization

Nectis is the international joint-venture between Axens and ZPJE offering an innovative Energy Efficiency Solution to optimize the environmental and economic impact of its customer’s projects.

Nectis’ experts support clients to unlock heat integration opportunities in demanding process services with a tailor-made patented technological equipment: Spiral Tube Heat Exchanger (STHE).

In a context of global warming, and the associated threat for human activity, there is no lack of reasons to find out how to gain in energy efficiency without compromising on performance.

Indeed, energy efficiency provides some of the quickest and most cost-effective CO2 mitigation options while lowering energy costs and reinforcing energy security. A wide range of solutions will be required to contribute to collective carbon neutrality by 2050 and energy efficiency will be one of the most important player.


Spiral Tube Heat Exchanger

Nectis solution relies on an exclusive technology, Spiral Tube Heat Exchangers. These equipements offer a wide range of possibilities. Spiral Tube Heat Exchangers are known for their compact design and excellent heat transfer efficiency. They provide an interesting solution to process industries confronted to space constraints and cost-effectiveness issues. Adopted by numerous industries, this technology is mainly reknown for its ability to handle highly viscous and dirty fluids without fouling making it suitable for a variety of applications. Thanks to its efficiency levels, the technology allows energy-saving.

High Performance



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Reducing Operating Cost

Maximizing heat recovery thanks to Spiral Tube Heat Exchanger (STHE). The high efficiency of STHE will reduce the fuel consumption of the fired heaters. Its low-pressure drop will also lead to pump and compressor power savings.

Reducing Capital Cost

One single exchanger can replace several shell and tube heat exchangers, saving on installation cost, piping and instrumentation. The heaters and compressors will be smaller thanks to the energy saving of our equipment.

Supporting customers

Providing strong expertise and dedicated services

Nectis dedicated experts are your partner at every stage of your project, they assist and support from the process studies throughout the fabrication, project management, delivery, proper installation and during the whole life of the Spiral Tubes Heat Exchanger.

who we are

Rely on the key players of the market

Nectis is an international joint venture between ZPJE and Axens.
Combining the strong expertise and experience of these two key actors, Nectis is specialized in providing low carbon solution thanks to an innovative and robust technology and associated support.

Thanks to the global presence of its shareholder’s, Nectis is able to provide local and close support to its customers.

Zhang Xian’an, VP at ZPJE,

stated “ZPJE STHE technology has proven its efficiency and robustness in our home market in the last 20 years. We are thrilled to partner with Axens and believe Nectis will contribute to offer to customers innovative solutions and easy services. ZPJE will support Nectis to make its efficient, reliable and unique technology available around the world."

Jacques Rault, EVP Technology & Technical Support at Axens,

said “We are proud to be ZPJE partner in Nectis. We believe that through this vehicle and thanks to our extensive process knowledge, Axens can contribute to the adoption of STHE by the industry and support its efforts to reduce their carbon footprint thanks to energy efficiency improvement”


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